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Methods to resolve construction disputes

2/29/2016 | Construction Blog, Real Estate Blog

In our last post we wrote about some of the common reasons that a construction lawsuit might be filed in the Philadelphia area. Regardless of the reason behind a lawsuit there are multiple ways in which they may be resolved.

Whether the project timing, deficient design or another reason prompts a construction lawsuit there is generally a lot on the line. Because of this it is vital that parties involved work with a lawyer who knows how to approach the resolution. This could require going to trial where both sides provide evidence to bolster their case. This approach can be time consuming and expensive, which may further hamper the completion of the construction project.

Going to trial is not the only option however. Under some circumstances there are other, less contentious, ways the matter may be resolved as well. Mediation is one of those approaches. When mediation is used the parties involved in the dispute agree to work with a neutral third party. The mediator will work with the parties to help them agree to a solution to the problem. In construction disputes the use of dispute resolution boards, referred to as DRBs, are often used as they are provided for in construction contracts.

Regardless of the method used to resolve the construction dispute, an attorney may be of assistance. In addition to helping parties to reach a solution they may also be of assistance earlier in the process, which could ultimately prevent disputes from occurring in the first place.