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Kaplin Stewart Honors Adminstrative Assistants’ Day

4/23/2014 | Construction Blog

Administrative Assistants’ Day provides an opportunity for people to take a moment to say thank you and express appreciation for all that is done by administrative assistants. At Kaplin Stewart, we mark that day annually by hosting a lunch at which we stop to recognize all the members of our administrative team for their contributions to our success. These events are important and appropriate. But more is necessary. It needs to be said publicly for the world to hear.

Here at Kaplin Stewart, we truly believe we have the best administrative staff around. They perform admirably and answer the metaphorical bell every day in good times and bad. Without their wisdom, great work, and patience, our firm would not be the success that it is today. For that, all of the attorneys’ and paralegals at Kaplin Stewart are eternally grateful.

Thank you to the entire administrative assistant staff at Kaplin Stewart for all you do. You truly are the best.