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Football Season Is Upon Us: Will Temple Have Its Own Stadium?

9/8/2016 | Construction Blog

One of the surest signs that fall has arrived is the start of the college football season. In a town that adores its pro team, the Philadelphia Eagles, college football is gaining a little more attention these days. One of the primary reasons for this is the return of Temple football, which was literally on the school’s chopping blocks a short time ago, beginning to make noise at the top level on a somewhat consistent basis. The next step for the program seems to be moving into its own stadium.

temple-logoThe Temple football team opens is 2016 season at Lincoln Financial Field against Army this Friday night. School officials have, however, been working on a plan to build a stadium on campus in North Philadelphia. The university’s Board of Trustees recently approved the expenditure of $1.25 million for a feasibility study to determine if the project can move forward. The big questions appear to center on where to place the stadium given the size of the footprint it will create. Traffic and parking are a big part of this conundrum.

There is no timetable for when the decision will be made or where the stadium will be built if the project goes forward. If Temple goes forward with the project, however, it would be a boon to the local construction economy and a huge asset to Temple and North Philadelphia. We should no more later this fall after the details of the feasibility study become known.