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10/20/2016 | Kaplin Stewart Blog

Business & Commercial Litigation

Protecting Your Business With Confidentiality Agreements by Joshua A. Steinberg

Let The Commercial Borrower Beware Why Franklin Never Borrowed Money, by Neil A. Stein

Hard Lessons On Letters Of Intent, by Pamela M. Tobin, Esquire

When Social Media Becomes Unsociable, by Neil A. Stein, Esquire

Prohibited Uses in the Modern Shopping Center Era, by Jeffrey L. Silberman

Contract Warning: Read The Boiler Plate!, by Pamela M. Tobin

How to Write More Gooder Letters, by William J. Levant

New Truth in Lending Act Rescission Decision by The Third Circuit Could Significantly Affect Residential Mortgage Loans In Pennsylvania, by Sandhya M. Feltes

Residential Borrower’s New Duty to Prove Ability to Repay Loan Proceeds Before Rescinding Mortgage Loan, by Sandhya M. Feltes

Construction Law

Will A Green Building Make You See Red?, by Neil A. Stein, Esquire

Enforcement of Independent Contractor Misclassification Laws Is On Rise

Estate Administration & Planning

Thoughts on Giving Away the Family Business , by Dirk M. Simpson

Popular Estate Planning Techniques Under Attack, by Dirk M. Simpson

Raising Capital: Put your Mouth where the Money is, by Marc A. Snyder

Estate and Gift Tax Changes in the 2010 Tax Relief Act, by Maury B. Reiter & Dirk M. Simpson

Commercial Real Estate

Demystifying Title Insurance in the 21ST Century

Commercial Litigation

Where You Should Never Sign Anything in Green Ink, Why You Should Never Sign Anything Anywhere in Black Ink and What The Difference is Between a Parcel ID and a Folio Number

Land Use, Zoning & Development

When Common Ground Becomes “Green” , by Neil A. Stein

Homeowners Associations , by Neil A. Stein

Property Owners And Developers May Get “Bogged Down” By New Wetlands Regulations, by Neil A. Stein

A Look Ahead Through Green-Colored Glasses, by Neil A. Stein

Be Green, Not Green With Envy, by Neil A. Stein

They’re Back – Coah Fees Return From Hibernation, by Neil Stein

Subsequent Purchasers of Home Allowed to Sue Original Builder for Breach of Warranty, by Neil Stein

New Deadlines and Rules Apply to Bucks and Montgomery County Property Tax Appeals, by Neil Stein

Pennsylvania Dep Gets Tough With Permit Extensions, by Neil Stein

Court Extends Approval Beyond Act 46’s July 1, 2013 Extension Period, by Marc Kaplin & Gregg Adelman

Real Estate, Business & Finance Transactions

To Exclude or Not to Exclude: The Question is Whether To Give Your. Tenant an Exclusive Use Restriction

Outparcel Leasing & Development – Avoiding Surprises, by Jeffrey L. Silberman

Mechanics’ Liens In Pennsylvania…The Times They Are A Changing., by Jeffrey L. Silberman

Mid-Year Review – A Full, but Mixed Bag, by Jeffrey L. Silberman

When the Lights Go Off, by Adam D. Taylor

Who Is Your Tenant?, by Scott C. Butler

Not All Investor’ Money Is The Same Shade Of Green

Landlord Subordination Agreements: Short is not always sweet., by Joshua A. Steinberg

Is There a Such Thing as a “Simple Sublease”?, by Scott C. Butler

A “New” Form of Entity for Pennsylvania Real Estate Transactions?, by Matthew A. Cosenza

Mid-Year Review – Just Keep Truckin’, by Jeffrey L. Silberman

Like-kind Exchanges Of Real Estate, by Maury B. Reiter, Esquire

They’re Back – Coah Fees Return From Hibernation, by Neil Stein

Right To Convert And Withdraw Real Estate Extended Under Permit Extension Act, by Gregg Adelman

Philadelphia Commercial Property Owners Can Reap Tax Windfall, by Neil A. Stein, Esquire

Real Estate & Title Litigation

Residential Borrower’s New Duty to Prove Ability to Repay Loan Proceeds Before Rescinding Mortgage Loan, by Sandhya M. Feltes

Tax Law

How To Stop The Irs, by Barry A. Furman

Raising Capital: Put your mouth where the Money is, by Marc A. Snyder

Federal and State Governments Target Independent Contractor Misclassification, by Barry A. Furman


Independent Contractor Or Employee, by Barry A. Furman

Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare Subsidies In Federal Exchanges, by Kimberly Russell, Esq.

Update: President Obama Proposes Major Expansion Of Overtime, by Kimberly Russell, Esq.

The Latest Assault On Employers EEOC Strengthens Its Anti-Employer Policies, by Kimberly Russell, Esq.

President Obama Set To Expand Overtime To Millions Of Workers, by Kimberly Russell, Esq.

White House Change Effectively Eliminates Keystone Of Obamacare, by Kimberly Russell, Esq.