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$45 Million Project Proposed In Allentown

5/24/2016 | Construction Blog

The Neighborhood Improvement Zone, otherwise known as the “NIZ” in the Lehigh Valley, is serving as the springboard for another large development in downtown Allentown. J.B. Reilly is planning to build a $45 million 12 story office project in the NIZ by 2018.

Called Tower 6, the project will be built at the corner of Hamilton and Sixth Streets in Allentown. The plan presented to the Allentown Neighborhood Improvement Zone Development Authority Board calls for 145,000 square feet with 11 floors of office space. The ground floor is presently designed to contain retail space that would make the project mixed use.

This project presents one of the first new construction office spaces within the NIZ. Plans will be submitted separately to Allentown’s Planning Commission and site plans are already begin developed.