Resolving Easement Issues Effectively

In certain situations, an agreement that allows one party the right to use the real property of another for a particular purpose may make sense for both parties. But if you are considering such an arrangement, the agreement to grant this right has to be negotiated and drafted carefully in order to protect your interests.

At Kaplin Stewart, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience you need to resolve your easement issues effectively. We are skilled in all facets of real estate, with a proven record of helping both commercial and residential clients meet their goals.

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What Type Of Easement Issue Are You Facing?

Our lawyers have extensive experience in handling a full range of issues that can arise with easements. This includes issues involving:

  • Right-of-way easements
  • Utility easements
  • Other public or private easements

Some easements are fairly common, such as when a private landowner grants an easement to a utility company or city government to maintain power lines.

In other cases, the existence of an easement may be a matter of dispute. For example, a government agency may assert an easement through eminent domain in order to obtain greater access for the public to a park.

No matter what your particular situation is, it makes sense to get skilled legal counsel to assert your interests effectively.

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