Almost every development project faces zoning questions ranging in scope from permissibility of a proposed use to the ability to maintain existing use and dimensional nonconformities. Answering each of these questions requires an understanding of complex federal and state statutes, municipal ordinances and regulations, and common law. Assistance from an experienced zoning professional is essential.

At Kaplin Stewart, our lawyers and certified planner can answer your zoning questions, assess your project’s zoning compliance, and advise you as to what zoning permits and approvals you will need. Working closely with outside planning, engineering, traffic and environmental consultants, we can assist you in obtaining all of the necessary zoning approvals and permits to allow your project to move forward.

Our attorneys have handled a wide range of zoning applications, including:

  • Conditional use applications
  • Special exception applications
  • Variance applications
  • Administrative appeals
  • Preliminary opinion requests
  • Zoning amendment applications
  • Zoning challenges

We specialize in providing support to clients at all phases of their development projects, from preliminary zoning due diligence investigations to final zoning opinions for financing purposes.

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