Subdivision, Land Development and Outside Agency Permitting

Almost every development project requires myriad approvals and permits from municipalities, municipal authorities, county agencies, state agencies and/or federal agencies. Obtaining the host of necessary permits and approvals requires complex maneuvering through a maze of rules, regulations and procedures.

At Kaplin Stewart, our lawyers can assist you in obtaining all permits and approvals required for your project to be constructed. Through decades of experience with different municipalities, we can steer you through what can often be difficult and complicated subdivision and land development review and approval processes. Through our established relationships with state and federal environmental, transportation and historic agencies and working closely with outside planning, engineering, traffic and environmental consultants, we can assist you in securing all of the necessary state and federal environmental, sewer, water, transportation, historic and other permits, approvals and sign-offs you will need.

Our attorneys have handled a wide range of subdivision, land development and outside agency permit applications, including:

  • Subdivision plan and/or land development plan approvals
  • Municipal development agreements
  • Sewer planning module approvals
  • Sewer and water connection permits
  • Highway occupancy permits
  • NPDES permits
  • Act 2 releases
  • Army Corps of Engineer permits
  • Building and occupancy permits

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