Planning For Blended Families And Same-Sex Couples

For many years, the law firm of Kaplin Stewart has delivered forward-thinking legal guidance. Our estates and trusts practice continues this tradition today with its service to blended families and same-sex couples.

State-Of-The-Art Legal Services

Laws continue to evolve with respect to same-sex couples and blended families. The attorneys of Kaplin Stewart work diligently to ensure that their clients’ estates and trusts take full advantage of current laws. In doing so, we advise our clients effectively and deliver well-considered legal guidance with respect to the emerging state of the law.

Our attorneys are adept in building effective wills and trusts that memorialize client intentions. Our attorneys are proficient in understanding and navigating the ever-changing federal, state and local laws impacting the modern family.

Experienced Legal Judgment

The lawyers at Kaplin Stewart invite blended families and same-sex couples to schedule an initial consult online or by calling us at one of our three offices.