Helping Resolve Construction Contract Disputes

Besides performing a wide variety of legal services for a number of construction clients over the course of decades, Kaplin Stewart Meloff Reiter & Stein, P.C., has provided business and corporate services to construction companies of every size. We routinely negotiate and draft contracts for the businesses we represent.

It is not enough that we understand construction law, however. We understand the mistakes made in drafting construction contracts that lead to litigation. Such understanding allows us to correct such mistakes and in many instances favorably resolve differences prior to trial.

The High Cost Of Construction Contract Breaches

Whether building an office building, shopping center or housing development, contracts govern practically every aspect of how the construction is to take place. A breach of contract leads to needless costs and delays. Unresolved disputes limit the ability to benefit from an opportunity. And it is not difficult to guess just how much it will cost your business to have a work crew idly sit by while a construction project does not go forward.

At Kaplin Stewart Meloff Reiter & Stein, P.C., we forge lasting relationships with construction companies. We also understand what construction companies require to remain competitive, and we do everything in our power to make certain that construction projects go smoothly.

Our lawyers understand what contract disputes mean to you in terms of cost. With a tremendous understanding of what construction law is, we also understand how to avoid difficulties and resolve contract disputes related to the construction trade. We recognize potential problems and take immediate action to correct them.

Handling Of Construction Contract Disputes At Trial

In the event that there is no settlement of a contract dispute, we come prepared to try your matter at trial, mediation and arbitration. We know how to handle complex contract matters in court or through any sort of alternative dispute resolution method. Our record of success is in large part due to our commitment to all of your business goals.

Contact Our Construction Law Attorneys Today

Kaplin Stewart Meloff Reiter & Stein, P.C., has its office in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, but provides representation to clients throughout the United States. In the event that a construction contract dispute arises, we will speak to you about your legal options. Contact our law firm by calling 610-260-6000.