Drafting Successful Contracts That Drive Business

At the crux of any successful business are well-written and comprehensive contracts. Whether you are an entrepreneur who is just getting started, or you are already running a Fortune 500 company, drafting successful contracts can help prevent a wide variety of legal matters down the road. Contracts should leave no room for guessing games. Our lawyers at Kaplin Stewart Meloff Reiter & Stein, P.C., can draft documents that help your business thrive.

What Makes A Contract Successful

A great contract is one that is easily defensible under litigation. There are many different tactics used to accomplish this. One of the most important is straightforwardness via proper use of contract terms. Some terms are frequently misused and, unfortunately, these errors can leave well-intentioned businesses vulnerable to complex legal disputes. Therefore, it is critical to ensure your contracts are written with the correct terminology.

Examples Of Contacts We Write

Our New Jersey and Pennsylvania attorneys have extensive experience putting together successful, black-and-white contracts that protect your business from unwarranted lawsuits. We can assist in writing contracts for several different capacities:

  • General business: These include franchise agreements, stock purchase agreements, partnership agreements and releases of liability.
  • Employment: Confidentiality agreements, employment agreements and independent contractor agreements are just some of the documents we handle.
  • Sales: We protect your business through the creation of bills of sale, limited warranties, purchase orders and full warranties.

Our attorneys also regularly draft leases related to physical property, intellectual property and industrial equipment.

Our Approach

Planning a successful business requires strategy as well as a keen eye for the details, especially when it comes to contract writing. This mindset, combined with our cumulative experience of more than 100 years in representing businesses of all sizes, allow us to help your business achieve its goals.

Taking The First Step

No matter what your business or corporate objectives are, trust our team to help you reach them by clearing all legal red tape. Fill out our online form or call one of our offices in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, or in Philadelphia or Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, to schedule a preliminary consultation.