Pursuant to a recent order of the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas, the County will now undertake the first reassessment of all property valuations since 2000. The reassessment is required to address the apparent lack of uniformity in property assessments, which constitutes a violation of the Pennsylvania Constitution.  The tax burden for some taxpayers may rise substantially.

               Historically, values have increased, though recently some types of property in certain areas have remained unchanged or even decreased in value. No matter what the market conditions are, different properties change in value differently from other properties in other locations. As a result, the fairness of a property tax system that has a single rate for all properties is reduced over time as values change. The inevitable result is some properties become over taxed while others are under taxed. Reassessment is the only process by which counties in Pennsylvania can reestablish valuation fairness and consistency among all real estate tax parcels.

               Property owners will likely first receive a “preliminary” assessment notice, explaining the possible change in valuation and assessment for a property. A “final” notice will then be issued triggering the appeal period.

               The reassessment will become effective in January 2021.  

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